JustML finds and deploys the right scikit-learn or xgboost model for your supervised machine learning problem, along with the optimal hyperparameters. Instead of launching and comparing manually myriads of models, we do this job for you, on our computing infrastructure, and you can focus on what really matters: transforming data into insights.

Automatic model selection

No need to worry about features and machine learning model selection. JustML does all the tedious work for you. Whether it’s {PCA, RandomForest} or {LDA, SVM}, JustML finds the right machine learning pipeline that fits your data.

See a Jupyter notebook example

Seamless integration with modern data science environments

JustML can be used as a Python library and integrates seamlessly into the workflow and tools data scientists are familiar with: Jupyter Notebook, Scikit-learn, Pandas, etc.


No black box

Unlike the majority of machine learning services, JustML is not a black box. JustML outputs the details of the algorithms used so that you can rebuild them from scratch if you wish. Another important aspect is that your data is never stored — JustML only uses it to train the models. Read more about it in the FAQ page.


Cloud computing

All the computations are done in the cloud, on a distributed architecture. You don’t need to worry about processing power or infrastructure — we handle the heavy work. No more noisy fans and scripts than run for hours.



Software developers can use a model built by JustML as a microservice with an HTTP API. You can now easily enable intelligence in any application.

Get your API key

curl -X PUT --user api:$APIKEY -F 'file=@data.csv' https://api.justml.io/v1/classifiers/$ID/predict

import justml

justml.api_key = "key-xxxxxxxxx"

clf = justml.Classifier(id="xxx")
res = clf.predict("data.csv")

Ready to get started?

You’re a few clicks away from building your machine learning model.

Sign up and get your API key

Install the JustML Python client library

Let JustML find and train the best classification or regression pipeline for your data

As soon as the model is trained, use it to classify new data


JustML leverages cutting-edge open-source libraries for automatic machine learning. These libraries are the result of years of academic research from scientists around the world. What JustML does is to make their technology available along with matching processing power and infrastructure.




5,000 free credits to get started (~1.4h of compute time)
2,500 free credits per month
Up to 10 estimators

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the data used for training and prediction stored on JustML servers?

No. Training data is used to build the estimator model and then is immediately and permanently deleted. The same applies for prediction tasks: as soon as the results are computed, data provided as input is also permanently deleted.

Can I get started for free?

Absolutely. Upon signing up, you immediately get 5,000 credits to get started, which you can use when you want. In addition, each month, we automatically refill your free credits to 2,500 (if your credit balance is higher than 2,500, you keep this balance).

In the Free plan, is a credit card required?

No. Upon sign up, you receive your free credits and your API key, and you can start using JustML right away.

How is my usage charged?

Each call to JustML is charged based on the compute time required by the algorithm. Calls are charged in credits, per second of usage. One credit corresponds to one second of compute time using a reference machine (2 cores at 2.5 GHz, 8 GB of RAM). 5,000 credits correspond to 1h23min of compute time using this reference machine.

Are the free credits given to all plans?

Yes, all accounts – on both Free and Pay as you go plans – get the 5,000 initial free credits, plus the monthly refill to 2,500 free credits.

How does the Pay as you go plan work?

In the Pay as you go plan, you can purchase credits to pay for compute time that exceeds your free credits. Your free credits are always used before your paid credits. There is no subscription fee – you buy credits and use them when you want. Contrarily to free credits, paid credits never expire and can be cumulated.

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